Regardless of whatever goals you set for your trade show, they all depend on getting attendees to your Trade Show Display Booth. You know you need to have a colorful, bright, professional Trade Show Display Booth and colorful, bright professional Trade Show Exhibits, along with Trade Show Accessories. But, there are also a few other ways you can draw in more people.

Hold a Contest or Game. Everybody loves to play games and who doesn’t like the thought of potentially winning a prize? Even a simple raffle will draw in people and the prize can be relatively inexpensive. If you provide a service, offer vouchers for the service as prizes. If you’re a beauty service, provide the service at the Trade Show Display Boot has the prize. It lets people actually see you do your stuff.

Imaginative Flooring. Fun, colorful rugs are a simple way to make your Trade Show Display Booth stand out, even from far away. Many trade show experts offer Portable Flooring in various tile designs and colors.

Accessorize Your Staff. Have your employees wear company t-shirts. Better still, give out those t-shirts as advertising or offer them as a prize.

Market with Trade Show Accessories. Everyone loves getting a cup, pen, post-it notes, etc. And, they’ll see your businesses’ name and logo several times daily.

Offer Food. Everyone also loves refreshments. Think about the last party you attended. Where was everyone? Hanging around the food. Provide water or snacks. Better yet, brand it with your company name and logo. Make sure to place it in the back of your booth (as with all the other things listed above).

Next Level Displays

Next Level Displays is the leading trade show expert. It’s your one-stop, online trade show expert. It provides your every trade show need.

Portable Flooring

Next Level Displays can help you draw in more potential customers with Portable Flooring that provides specialized anti-fatigue matting that offers extra comfort. It offers:

Plush Comfort Carpet. Interlocking carpet tiles in a range of colors that sets up in minutes to form a 10′ × 10′ floor.Beveled edging available.

Comfort Tiles. Interlocking tiles in a range of colors and designer wood pattern stains that set up in minutes to form a 10′ × 10′ floor.

High Density Designer Wood Patterns comes in high density EVA finish that allows for easy cleaning and added durability.

Trade Show Accessories

Next Level Displays also offers promotional products, branded products, and corporate reward programs. Don’t waste time trying to find the right items on the Internet for your trade show. You’ll find them all at Next Level Displays.


Next Level Displays designs and builds Trade Show Display Booths and Trade Show Exhibits for purchase or rent at every price point. It also offers:

Tension Fabric Displays

Steel Truss Displays

Retractable Banner Stands

Multi Pack Banner Stands

Indoor and Outdoor Graphics

Trade Show Accessories

Hanging Signs for Trade Shows

Custom Built Trade Show Displays

Portable Trade Show Displays

Event Furniture

Custom Counters


Custom Display Cases

Trade Show Accessories

Double Deck Displays

And, so much more.

Call Next Level Display at (866) 796-6398 or email at [email protected]. Or, see its website at nldisplays.

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Jeffrey J. Burns is an experienced exhibition designer in California and Marketing Manager with an experience in Trade Show Display Booth at Next level display.

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