Looking for some trade show giveaways for 2018? This year, there’s a lot more products that is unique, new, site cheap and yet it works. The reason why business clients are looking for promotional products is to make sure that it is affordable and yet effective that they can use them as giveaways and in return giving them good promotions for their business. As the trade show events are fast approaching, most exhibitors are looking for promotional items as early as March because these events will take place few months from now and will give them more time to prepare just to avoid rush. And few months before their upcoming activities, they will have some choice which promotional products will work for them.

The trade show giveaways make wonder to the exhibitors because it builds brand to the business and promotes the products and services which eventually could bring potential customers. The more unique promotional products being used is the more possible that business will bring up more leads. It helps remember the name of your company including the services. The text imprints impart messages.

I have listed below some trade show giveaways idea that will work and these are just some of the suggested items I have gathered but in the end it’s up for the promotional buyers what to choose and buy and where to buy them. Bear in mind that these custom products can be used as corporate giveaways for business use.

All Purpose Tote – these are versatile for promotional events, trade shows, groceries, etc.

Camera shield microfiber screen cleaner – it gives full protection against spyware, viruses, malware and surveillance. It is reusable thousand times.

Sports squeeze stress balls – create a promotional campaign that you can rely on this football stress ball. It is great for sports fan but this is not intended for children or pets. It is handcrafted and vary in sizes. It goes with your logo and message imprints.

Economy card case – this is not only unique and yet it is is one of the best sellers item. Used for school IDs, promotions, library cards.

Glow stick with lanyard – Perfect for Halloween, new year, july 4, party favors and other events. It is available in variety colors.

For more trade show giveaways idea, here’s a link to find more of them. New products, unique and yet effective.


Julius Arevalo is a corporate giveaways and a trade show giveaways consultant. He is well active in the ads specialties industry.

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